“We are a proudly West Australian owned and operated company that is proud to sell as much local seafoods products as we can source. We pride our buisness on great local products at a great price”

Ryan Ivanov, Central Seafoods

About Us

Central Seafoods is a family owned business established in 2013. Central Seafoods prides itself on providing the best quality local & imported seafood. Now supplying over 100 IGA, Farmer Jacks & Spud Shed’s across Perth & Regional WA and many other independent retailers. Central Seafoods is now one of the fastest growing and respected seafood businesses in Australia, with a strong proven track record in the retail seafood industry. .

Responsible Sourcing

Our products are sourced directly from partners who share our ideals that food tastes better when raised with care. We believe in securing long-term sustainable products from vendors who will provide high quality nutritious food for today and for future generations to come.

Healthy Solutions

The National Heart Foundation recommends Australians consume at least 500 mg per day of long-chain omega-3 fatty acids. We can reach these targets by eating a combination of two to three serves of oily fish every week and supplementing your intake with fish oil supplements (oil or capsule) and omega-3 enriched food or drinks.

Above & Beyond

Our diverse selection of premium products exceeds those of traditional wholesalers. From large banana prawns and South Australian Oysters through to Fremantle Sardines and Tasmanian Salmon you’ll know that we’ll go to the farthest reaches to deliver. Our team of product specialists work to fulfill custom orders, and provide a depth of knowledge for unique seafood solution.

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